Refer a Job to GCS - Earn $100

Posted by GCS on Sep 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Refer a Job to GCS - Earn $100

Refer a Job to GCS - Earn $100Do you know someone with sunken slabs on their property? Do you know someone who owns or manages large properties with many concrete slabs (warehouses, showrooms, apartment complexes, shopping malls, etc.)?

Refer a them to Ground Consolidation Services today!  If we complete a job for them invoiced at $1500 or more, we'll pay you ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Simply fill out our Contact Form here.  In the How Can We Help section, type "Contact this referral and pay me if you get the job!" - then add their name and contact information.

Want to send them info on GCS services?

Download an Info-Packed GCS Services Brochure NOW!

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